Born in Bologna in 1964, he is a bassist, double bassist and composer. After the Conservatoire, he attended various jazz and rock master classes becoming a skilled guitar, piano and cello player, too. He has participated in a number of records and live shows, playing for artists like Claudio Lolli, Nicola Piovani, Andrea Bocelli, Franz Campi, Josef Alessi, Andrea Giuffredi among others, and in several orchestras and jazz and rock bands.

As a leader he has released several albums, including a solo bass disc (“Gestire lo Spazio”, Echoes 2007) featuring his compositions for 6-string electric bass and piano. Within his extensive career as a music educator, he has recently founded, a specialised school for bassists, double bassists and composers located in Bologna.

He is the author of the blog, where he publishes articles, tutorials and exercies to improve the music performances of bassists and other instrumentalists.

Tiziano Zanotti is proud to thank Jorgen and Ole Pickup for the outstanding pick-ups.


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