Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas on double bass and bass clarinet

Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas on double bass and bass clarinet: how do you like them?

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri AKA Il Guercino on a red background, with Alessio Alberghini on bass clarinet and Tiziano zanotti on double bass.

Canonic sonatas for 2 flutes by Georg Philipp Telemann.

We are not exactly two agile flute players but there lies the challenge.

Playing this flute music two octaves below on double bass and clarinet is not an easy bet to win. Will it work?

What I learnt from Pat Martino

In 1995 I attended a 2-day seminar with Pat Martino (btw, a bass player trying to learn from a guitar player? You kidding??). Many rightly remember him for his way of playing, for his musical history or for his personal adventure. I remember him for his teaching and philosophical synthesis… Clicca per proseguire la lettura

The evolution of the funk rhythm

The word EVOLUTION has always fascinated me. Thinking that a thing or a concept can develop gradually makes me feel good. For those like me who love step-by-step, organised practice on their instrument, this word necessarily belongs to our personal vocabulary. Here are 5 funk bass lines that, starting from… Clicca per proseguire la lettura