The Great Inganno – New solo double bass project (preview)

With “The Great Inganno – Ouverture“, my new solo double bass project is born. A true SPY story! More songs to come of course, and a small tour is on the way (with a surprise). Follow me! Gear: F upright bass, Wilson pickup system… and fingers! No overdub, BTW. Clicca per proseguire la lettura

Wanna make your solo really memorable?? Try this!

In this article I will give 7 tips to help you make new, fresh, original solos that will make you distinguish from the average bass player. These ideas come from my personal reinterpretation of some of Joseph Schillinger’s theories, that I adapted to the characteristics of the electric bass and double bass. You will find here new ways to visualise “the same old scales” through special symmetries and geometries which will enable you to exploit the traditional music stuff in an innovative and outstanding way. TIP 1 Use the notes of the relative scale. For more details on this topic,… Clicca per proseguire la lettura