Born in Bologna in 1964, Tiziano Zanotti is a composer, bassist and double bassist.

After studying classical double bass and composition, he completed various jazz and rock specialisation courses. He has became familiar with the guitar, piano and cello, too.

He has recorded on a number of CDs, playing with Claudio Lolli, Nicola Piovani, Andrea Bocelli, Ivan Valentini, Fabrizio Puglisi, Josef Alessi, Marco Dalpane, Andrea Giuffredi, Franz Campi, Sabir Mateen, Walter Zanetti in various chamber music groups, symphonic orchestras and jazz/rock bands.

As a lead artist he has released various albums including “Gestire lo Spazio” (solo electric bass), “Eye Sound”, “ReCover”, “Psaico Bop” and “Specchio Asimmetrico”, all of them published by Echoes.

He is currently involved in the development of new performances including Tempo Inverso (for stylus contrabass, live electronics and video manipulations) and the new piano-less quintet (double bass/stylus/electric bass with winds, voice an d drums) for which he is working on complex arrangements that are a blend of classic, jazz and ethnic music.

He is very active in music teaching. He has published many specific teaching methods and in 2008 founded® in Bologna (, a school for bass players, double bass players and composers that is one of a kind in Italy with original programmes and methodology.

He has always believed in the possibilities offered by technologies for the creation of professional-level educational courses.

In addition to the production of a great quantity of multi-media material, his research in recent years has led him to create “Bassista Contemporaneo Online”, the first entirely online professional electric bass course. Its particular approach makes it unique both in Italy and in the world.

He is the author of the blog, where he publishes articles, tutorials and exercises to improve the music performances of bassists and other instrumentalists.

Tiziano Zanotti is proud to thank Jorgen and Ole Pickup for their outstanding pick-ups.


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