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In my extensive career as a music teacher, I started out collecting lots of materials to use for my lessons. As I couldn’t always find what I was looking for, long ago I decided I would create my own handbooks in order to make my lessons as effective and interesting as possible.

So, here is a list of the main texts I have produced over the years. So far they are in Italian, except one which I am having translated into English… Hope it will be ready by 2015!

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T. Zanotti, “Bassista Contemporaneo”

Bassista Contemporaneo is the title of the learning series I have developed for my electric bass course. The complete course is structured into 4 volumes for 100 lessons overall, which lay the technical foundations to play effectively any music styles (rock, funk, jazz, Latin…). The aim of this course is to eliminate any technical, theoretical or musical doubts to enable every musician to obtain his/her best possible results.

Now available to the public: Volume 1 and 2. Free sample lessons to download: Volume 1 soon available in English.

Copertina Lettura BE2 per sito

T. Zanotti, “Lettura per basso elettrico”

For many years I felt I lacked a manual to help me teach comprehensive sight reading to bass players. Eventually this is the textbook I have produced. It deals with rhythm, shifts on the keyboard, tonal and atonal style, bass and treble clefs, chord accompaniment. I think it is a very useful tool if you want to become a versatile bass player.

Available to the public in a practical PDF format. Free sample lessons to download:

Tec_Contr_2 Tec_Contr_1 T. Zanotti, “Tecnica Contrabbassistica”

I have designed these manuals to teach my students double bass. They analyse the bass keyboard position by position and progressively develop the bow technique.

The first two volumes provide the fundamentals to master an instrument which is undoubtedly difficult to play but at the same time so full of still unexplored possibilities.

Series available only to the BassLab students!

Teoria _pratica_1 T. Zanotti, “Teoria e pratica musicale”

This is a method I use in my courses to train the ear to recognise any possible harmonic, melodic and rhythmic combinations both in the tonal and atonal systems. It is structured into 3 levels for a number of overall 100 lessons. Each lesson is a mix of different interconnected subjects (theory, sight reading, singing and note recognition).

Available only to the BassLab students.

Piano_Voicing_1T. Zanotti, “Piano voicing

This is another complementary method I use in my courses of tonal, jazz and contemporary harmony. The purpose is to enable non-pianists to practice scales, chords and basic voicings.

Avaiable only to the BassLab students.

07-intermezzo_CD Idea, “Intermezzo”

This was the first instructional CD-Rom I produced with my colleagues from Idea and  “Centro di Formazione Musicale” in Bologna. It provides electric bass, guitar and drums lessons useful to improve a musician’s approach to his/her instrument. This product was a very challenging test for me. Not available.

08-workgame_CD Idea, “WorkGame

Another instructional Cd-Rom produced by Idea that enabled me to test both my music skills (I composed and recorded the music tracks) and my organisational expertise in the music sector (I was responsable for the content development). Not available.

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