Schizoid Bounce (from The Great Inganno – Solo double bass project)

Schizoid Bounce – double bass solo Please enjoy Schizoid Bounce, another track from “The Great Inganno”, my new solo double bass concept project. Seems easy, but this RED video gave me quite a few problems to solve! Playing with an echo that resounds what you’re doing is a true challenge. Any fault is doubled and thus becomes very clear to the listener 😬 Schizoid Bounce is based on the 3 tonal centers plus a little melody that in the second chorus flows into an impro. My BOSS DD7 replicates exactly I’m playing and allows me to create a canon where… Clicca per proseguire la lettura

The Great Inganno – New solo double bass project (preview)

With “The Great Inganno – Ouverture“, my new solo double bass project is born. A true SPY story! More songs to come of course, and a small tour is on the way (with a surprise). Follow me! Gear: F upright bass, Wilson pickup system… and fingers! No overdub, BTW. Clicca per proseguire la lettura

A solo bass album: a few composition hints about my “Gestire lo Spazio”

It’s not easy to talk about one’s own music. What’s more I’m not used to doing it. Gestire lo spazio – quite a challenging work! However I thought it could be useful to provide a sort of listening guide to this solo bass album album. It is not a typical commercial product. And it does not present the classical features of an electric bassist’s album, either. You can preview all tracks from itunes: I decided to leave the title in Italian because it sounded effective and meaningful to me. Sound space, the space in a cd, and the space… Clicca per proseguire la lettura