BOOK 220 pag. + 25 online VIDEOS + 10 mp3s

Author: Tiziano Zanotti
ISBN code: 979-1220072700
Price: € 30,00

The Contemporary Bassist is the title of a textbook series in electric bass. This is the English translation of Volume 1 (already a bestseller in Italian).

Volume 1 includes 25 progressive lessons dedicated to learning the basics of the instrument and to creating accompanying basslines… starting from scratch.

Some of the TOPICS include: chord construction, arpeggios, shapes on the instruments, scales, music reading, ear training practice and a lot more.

It comes with 25 original backing tracks available as online videos, useful for practising each lesson’s main song, and another 20 music tracks – full version and minus one, to play-along on the 10 extra pieces at the end of the book (to be requested via email).

The Contemporary Bassist is therefore an effective working tool for musicians, teachers, music schools and all those who want to acquire a complete musical preparation.



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