Psaico Bop a.k.a. Dixtortion

The band

Tiziano Zanotti double bass
Alessio Alberghini soprano sax
Claudio Trotta drums


Luca Fattori on vocals experiments
Fabrizio Puglisi on piano
AND/OR Sabir Mateen on tenor sax

The project

Contemporary sound and experimental research could be the two poles of this new project by bassist Tiziano Zanotti and saxophonist Alessio Alberghini together with the versatile and talented drummer Claudio Trotta and a few guests to make their explorations more inspirational.

Musicians with different backgrounds and experiences, who are willing to get together in a creative process to expand their expressive paths in the big universe of jazz music. The result is a highly varied project, full of ideas, charms, and colours.

The pieces played with the drums are particularly vigorous, almost irreverent to the listener, while the tracks with the piano have a more rarefied, meditative aura. The noisy effects of the prepared piano (reminding of John Cage) are alternated to suspended, impressionist atmospheres, with all Puglisi’s artistry at its best. The “fil rouge” of the whole project is probably represented by the pieces in duo, which are more traditional in sound thanks to the use of the bow, and yet very original for their interplays and role reversals between sax and double bass.

Main concert venues

– Torrione Jazz Club (Ferrara)
– Perla Gio-Jazz (Bologna)
– Padova Jazz Club (Corezzola PD)
– Club A38 (Budapest)
– Jazz Time (Praga)
– Orange Jazz Club (Pistoia)
– La Baia (Finale Emilia MO)
– Teatro Comunale (Marzabotto BO)


Full playlist:

XA – Live from A38 Budapest (feat. Sabir Mateen on saxophones)

Evidenze – Live from Torrione Ferrara (feat. Fabrizio Puglisi on piano)

Fever – Live from Marzabotto theatre (feat. Luca Fattori on vocals)

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