The Contemporary Bassist is out now!

I hope this post finds you well. Just a quick note to let you know that my bestseller, Bassista Contemporaneo vol.1, is now available in English with the title THE CONTEMPORARY BASSIST.

This book is a full, comprehensive course to learn play the bass from scratch while at the same time developing a wide range of musical skills (aural, rhythmic, technical, and so forth), in a step by step process. And you’ll learn reading music (no tabs, by the way!).

As of today, you can get your copy it on Amazon Italy (but will be shipped everywhere). There are just a few copies available, because I first need to understand if A. will actually help me distribute my book (or better find other ways). This is the link:

Check it out! Tiziano

P.S. Over the years I have produced a lot of supporting material to help my students and make their bass learning experience more interesting and effective, including loads of video lessons. Wherever possible, I’ll take care to have this stuff progressively translated or subtitled in English 🙂

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