BASS ON TOP – Un metodo per aumentare la velocità sul basso elettrico

BASS ON TOP – Un metodo per potenziare tecnica e velocità sul basso elettrico Qualche anno fa ho pubblicato questo libretto di 44 pagine. BASS ON TOP – Tecnica Organizzata Progressiva per migliorare la velocità esecutiva sul basso elettrico. Il libro è corredato da 34 video che dimostrano gli esercizi… Clicca per proseguire la lettura

Bass & Drum Workout – Funk #1

Bass & Drum Workout – Funk #1

I have to make up my mind to memorize my parts faster. It is not possible that I read the music score laid out on the floor. It just can’t be. If you use the music stand, it looks like an end-of-year school essay BUT with the music on the ground people will see my bold head ?

However, Andrea Zucchelli and I are keeping working on the Bass & Drum Workout course. A very interesting but also complicated job for us, we are developing the lines of the Contemporary Bassist volume 2 and 3 for bass and drums.

Every part is written note by note with the aim of improving the groove between the two instruments. After all, the first instrument bass players have to connect with is the drums.

It will be something very useful for anyone who appreciates The Contemporary Bassist. Let’s get ready for some more delicious rhythmic recipes.

The Great Inganno – New solo double bass project (preview)

With “The Great Inganno – Ouverture“, my new solo double bass project is born. A true SPY story! More songs to come of course, and a small tour is on the way (with a surprise). Follow me! Gear: F upright bass, Wilson pickup system… and fingers! No overdub, BTW. Clicca per proseguire la lettura

Wanna make your solo really memorable?? Try this!

In this article I will give 7 tips to help you make new, fresh, original solos that will make you distinguish from the average bass player. These ideas come from my personal reinterpretation of some of Joseph Schillinger’s theories, that I adapted to the characteristics of the electric bass and… Clicca per proseguire la lettura