Finalmente pronto “The Shaman Ritual” nuovo spettacolo di basso elettrico solo

Ho finalmente aggiornato la pagina sul mio nuovissimo spettacolo the SHAMAN RITUAL, che spero di portare presto in tour.

Puoi leggere il concept e ascoltare i vari brani da qui ==>


Il debutto dello Stylus Contrabass nel lontano 2011

… e questa fu la prima volta che lo Stylus Contrabass ha suonato in pubblico. Era il 25 marzo 2011. Specchio Asimmetrico, concerto per Stylus solo e video proiezioni al Teatro comunale di San Giovanni in Persiceto. Serata dedicata a mio fratello Sanzio.   Composi in circa 5 mesi poco… Clicca per proseguire la lettura

My musical experiences in 2014

In 2014 I created this, combining all my musical experiences to date.

Hindustani tales, Balinese gamelan, synth bass, quartal harmonies and a little bit of easy Italian melody. Acoustic + electric + electronic sound.

Therefore I needed a very special musician to try to make it work. I chose Daniel Csaba Dencs, a very special guy with  uncommon musicality and open-mindedness.

Here he is on tabla and pad, but can also play the drums at crazy volumes.

Despite being Hungarian by birth, he speaks Bolognese dialect with a better pronunciation than mine (and I practice every day to keep fit!).

I still don’t know how to evaluate the result of our efforts, but at least it is a nice memory.

Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas on double bass and bass clarinet

Telemann’s Canonic Sonatas on double bass and bass clarinet: how do you like them?

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri AKA Il Guercino on a red background, with Alessio Alberghini on bass clarinet and Tiziano zanotti on double bass.

Canonic sonatas for 2 flutes by Georg Philipp Telemann.

We are not exactly two agile flute players but there lies the challenge.

Playing this flute music two octaves below on double bass and clarinet is not an easy bet to win. Will it work?

A solo bass album: a few composition hints about my “Gestire lo Spazio”

It’s not easy to talk about one’s own music. What’s more I’m not used to doing it. Gestire lo spazio – quite a challenging work! However I thought it could be useful to provide a sort of listening guide to this solo bass album album. It is not a typical… Clicca per proseguire la lettura